Valle dei Laghi

Valle dei Laghi

The Valle dei Laghi is a subalpine lake district between Lake Garda and Trento that extends north of the village of Sarche, where visitors can embark on a spectacular journey through an enchanting watery landscape. Apart from its numerous lakes, the area is also known for the popular Vino Santo, not to mention its large number of grappa varieties

Driving quickly through the region, you would never guess that at least seven mountain lakes are concealed to the left and right along the rock faces between Monte Bondone and the Paganella massif – or that most of these delightful oases are ideal for a lazy day on the beach during the warmer months of the year.

Starting from the north, the best-known lakes in the Valle dei Laghi are Lake Terlago, the Lamar lakes, Lake Cavedine and Lake Toblin.


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