Val di Sole

Val di Sole (Stage towns Pellizzano / Ossana)

Welcome to Val di Sole!

The name, Val di Sole , is not the sun is really the protagonist of the days and seasons. A fascinating valley to be discovered! All the best the mountains can offer: superb peaks, many snow slops for skiing, even in summer, at the Presena glacier...woods and streams for rafting and fishing.

Culture is not lacking with our Castles and Churches. Our mountains will offer you walks, for the most expert in altitude, or naturalistic excursions to admire the rich flora and fauna in the Stelvio National Park.

At the end of the day, find peace and relax in the thermal baths of Rabbi and Pejo. For an ACTIVE and RELAXING holiday Val di sole is a must.

Welcome to Pellizzano, the village with heart!

Pellizzano is a small and characteristic village of 797 inhabitants, in the Autonomous Province of Trento in the Sun Valley. Located at 925 meters above sea level, it is part of historic residential areas suchas Ognano and Ponte.

The historical center is full of sights that talk about old legends and ancientsrites. One of the most beautiful churches for art and history in the valley is the Renaissance Gothic Church dedicated to S. Maria delle Grazie. Along its streets every corner and countryard will be a charm that will fascinate you.

The village has developed but remained faithful to its origins, due to the landscape that surrounds it and the commercial activities that complete it.

Pellizzano and the Summer Season

In Summer, there are simple but fantastic experiences, for example a walk in the fields in bloom, a break sitting under a tree or the fresh air. Pellizzano is connected to a beautiful, 35 km bicycle lane that runs through the Val di Sole. A trip to the  lake Caprioli, a small pearl in the woods, in the locality of Fazzon near the village is always worth it, due to the fresh and pleasant air.

In the traditional mountain huts you can see how cheese is made and taste the local products in order to discover the authentic taste of the region.

Welcome to Ossana... The historic village!

Ossana is a village full of history located in the upper Sun Valley, it includes the localities of Cusiano and Fucine, and is characterized by a rich variety of traditions and customs, which is testified by numerous events taking place in the village During the Middle Ages it was one of the most important political and clerical center of

Sun Valley thanks to the thriving bygone iron industry. The village has always been evolving and improving the commercial activity and the services for its guests.

Ossana and the Summer Season

In summer, there is a path along an ancient water canal leading to the Valpiana, which is a perfect starting point for pleasant walks as well as bike tours in the surrounding mountains.

Valpiana is also an extraordinary stargazing site as in 2017 it has been awarded as one of the “most beautiful Skies of Italy” issued by “Astronomitaly”.


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