The Tour Transalp will be back in the province of Treviso, in the heart of Mount Grappa! The small town of Possagno, is surrounded by mountains to the north and south, while small towns can be seen in the other directions. Even today, Possagno is dominated by the enormous Tempio di Canova, a replica of the Pantheon in Rome. In summer, from its top you can enjoy a magnificent view of the nearby surroundings and for the Transalp it offers the perfect backdrop for the finish line.

The Mount Grappa is an historical mountain playing an important role during the first and second World War. It is located southof the Dolomites, between the provinces of Belluno, Vicenza and Treviso and is a paradise for all sports. Except in winter times, the Mount Grappa turns into an exciting open-air gym for trekking, Nordic walking, mountain biking, cycling, downhill, rock climbing and speleology lovers. But it was flying that made Mount Grappa famous in the world: thanks to its particular wind updrafts this area is one of the best sites in Europe to practice paragliding and hang gliding. 

This year the route will pass up and down through the green Prosecco Hills, until the finish line, right in front of the great Temple of Antonio Canova in Possagno!


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