Caldaro al Lago

Caldaro al Lago

Heavenly Conditions

Rhythmic paces, slightly increasing in tempo, just enough so that the mind and spirit are able to follow along behind at a comfortable distance … that’s the beauty in cycling! You can bike anywhere, but there’s nowhere quite like Kaltern – through vineyards and amidst mountains and the lake. Kaltern, best known for its wine, is on the right path to become a biking paradise.  

Tours for every wish

If you prefer being out and about on a sturdy touring bike and a refreshing picnic basket (perhaps containing a chilled bottle of Kalterersee?), then there are easy tours just for you. And if you like biking up and over hills, with your sights on destinations such as an out-of-the-way Buschenschank to enjoy a delicious bowl of homemade Knödel soup, then there are medium tours just for you. True mountain bikers can even take off right from the village and pedal up to towering mountain peaks. Countless tours are available in the Kaltern Bike-Guide.   

Road book and GPS

You will never go astray if you head out on a tour with the information found in the bike guidebook. There are detailed road books, altitude profiles and exact descriptions of the trails. For those technically savvy, you can just leave it to the GPS to guide you through forests and mountain ranges. You won’t even need to hesitate at the crossroads. (Although, you shouldn’t forget to pause every once in a while to take in the amazing landscape!)

There’s no such thing as bad weather …

And that’s especially true for hard core cyclists. Nevertheless: It’s always more beautiful if the sun is shining. And that’s exactly where Kaltern can play its trump card. The distinctive character of the Mediterranean climate produces olive trees and palms, vineyards and apple orchards. Lake Kalterersee, the surrounding mountains, and the warm circulating winds create unique climatic conditions. Here, the biking season begins early and ends quite late in the year. The sun is still shining in Kaltern when the rest of the world is already covered in fog.


Tourismusverein Kaltern am See

Marktplatz 8

39052 Kaltern am See

Südtirol – Italien

Phone: +39 0471 963169



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