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You will find SCHWALBE bike tires in the USA, in South Africa as well as in Japan and Australia. In Europe, we are even the market leader! There are two reasons for this success.

Firstly, we are "tire fanatics" and 100% committed to bikes as well as, for several years now, to wheelchairs.

Secondly, our tires are not available everywhere, but exclusively from specialist shops! Because we insist on qualified advice and good service. 

And we know: Only the specialist trade can provide both.

Schwalbe is the brand. Bohle is the company.
Owned by the family Bohle since its establishment in 1922, the company is now being managed by the third generation.

Schwalbe international.
Headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and USA/Canada. Distributors in over 40 countries. Production partnership with the Korean tire manufacturer, Hung-A, production in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Homepage  www.schwalbe.de


30 years ago, the CAMELBAK story began with an infusion bag in a sock that supplied brand founder Michael Eidson with drinking water at the legendary Hotter'n Hell race and saved him many cooling breaks. Today, CAMELBAK stands for the most innovative & intuitive products to hydrate your body during sports, from the backpack to the bottle "Podium". 

At CAMELBAK, we focus fully on what we do, how we do it, who we do it for and how it affects people's lives and the environment.

We are forward-thinking inventors who value creative, unconventional ideas and unusual solutions to common problems. We look for new solutions and do not shy away from any risks.

Passionate people create outstanding, forward-looking products. We inspire each other and are inspired by diverse goals, passions and stories of our customers.

We always want to be the first, but we also have to be the best. We like to win and take on seemingly impossible challenges. We don't want to slide, take the easy way or sit still.

Homepage www.camelbak.com

P. Jentschura

Recharge your batteries with “Alkaline Power” 

P. Jentschura – Our partner for a full decade 

For ten years now, Jentschura International GmbH, with its umbrella brand P. Jentschura, has been a partner to Tour Transalp and supported participants with superfoods and alkaline foot baths: a true anniversary! The experts in all things alkaline provide pure power and accelerated regeneration during the Tour. 

The leading manufacturer of alkaline body care products and natural foods offers the athletes delicacies which are 100% organic, very rich in vital nutrients, and have an alkali surplus. They are also very easy to digest under extreme stress and provide a long-lasting and steady supply of energy in the process. They are therefore a great alternative for breakfast at the camp, and are also gluten and lactose-free. The superfoods, just like Jentschura’s alkaline foot baths, also promote rapid regeneration. Both of these await you at an expo stand in the finishing area, where qualified nutritionist Roland Jentschura is also happy to provide advice on the topic of the acid-base balance. Because acid muscles “lock up”. 

The MorgenStund’ high-carbohydrate millet and buckwheat porridge, the superfood for full performance, the Wurzelkraft 100-plant granulate which optimises the balance of vitamins and minerals, and thus also regeneration, and TischleinDeckDich, the delicious and revitalising quinoa and millet meal with vegetables – a real source of fibre and protein for long-lasting power – ensure that you perform to your full potential. Your batteries are thus rapidly recharged. Alkaline foot baths with the MeineBase mineral bath salt are also available in the finishing area. Make the most of less sore muscles, accelerated regeneration, and palpable new energy! 

Jentschura is a leading manufacturer of alkaline body care products and natural foods for a balanced acid-base balance. Jentschura products provide a natural increase in performance and accelerate regeneration.

More information can be found at www.p-jentschura.com.

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Enervit Sport

"Since 1954, the traditional Italian brand Enervit Sport has been producing dietary supplements for endurance athletes. The product portfolio includes gels, bars and powders in various flavours. Since the right diet and the careful use of dietary supplements enable optimal performance, a team of doctors, nutrition experts, scientists and athletes work continuously on our innovations. The focus is on the individual needs of athletes in training and competition.

The products enable the body to be optimally supplied with long-lasting energy before and during sport and reduce signs of fatigue. After exertion, they ensure rapid regeneration. Enervit's products are developed and manufactured in its own factory in Zelbio, Italy, and in Erba in northern Italy.

Homepage www.enervit.com


Swinging over the Alps ... 

With Andullation®s technology, hhp ensures the best regeneration directly after targeting. Andullation®s technology is the result of important developments in biophysical science. Noticeable progress has been made in the treatment of diseases and disorders. The Andullation® is increasingly used for everyday needs and offers many benefits. 

For example, in the areas of pain relief, physical performance and regeneration, just to name a few. Andullation therapy directly after exercise ensures that metabolic end products can not settle, but are metabolized immediately - at the same time the nervous system is shut down and relaxed by the maximum load, while the entire body is supplied with all fluids to initiate and optimize regeneration. 

This shortens your recovery time, helps you to rest in the evening, and makes you fit for the upcoming stage the next day. What exactly causes the andullation you see here: www.hhp.de/andullation

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