Stage 7

Kaltern am See – Arco

This is a comparatively relaxed final stage over 100 kilometres and not more than 1500 metres of altitude. But for the eyes there is a lot to see. First the route rolls flat through the wine-growing areas of Tramin and Margreid on the border of South Tyrol and Trentino, overtaking the winegrowers of Mezzocorona and Mezzolombardo, before the first ascent to Fai della Paganella begins. The Paganella, which rises 2000 metres above Trento and the Adige Valley with its mighty rock face, is surrounded on its western side by Andalo and the turquoise Lake Molveno. The route crosses a pass that is not on the maps. After Fai della Paganella, it reaches Santel, a small saddle that leads over into Nonstal. However, the road does not descent, but leads a little further up at the northern shoulder of the Paganella, in order to reach the actual pass, the saddle between Nonstal and the Sarca valley, riding downhill in the centre of Andalo.

Now, for the last time, the view into the very high mountains is offered, as from the shore of the lake Molveno, the rock walls of the Brenta stretch to an altitude of more than 3000 metres. But straight ahead, the view already falls onto the green overgrown peaks of the mountains of Lake Garda that only scratch the 2000-meter mark. In between, the inconspicuous Passo del Ballino is squeezed, that only reaches a height of 800 metres in front of Lake Garda. From now on it only goes down, over the Viale Magnoolie, to the finish line right at the church in Arco.

Mountain passes: Andalo-Sattel, Passo del Ballino

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude difference
Stage 7Kaltern am See - Arco3103,501.521
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