Stage 5

Aprica – Castione della Presolana

Aprica has already been a stage location of the TOUR Transalp several times and usually the start was on the main road in the direction of Edolo in the Val Camonica. This time, too, the route leads through Edolo, but this time it will be passed later. The start is on the pass road in the direction of Valtellina and Tirano. But it only goes downhill for a bit in the other direction, because soon a small road branches off from the main road and climbs over 600 metres in altitude to the inconspicuous Passo di S. Cristina. And which soon turns into the road that leads from Trivigno down to the high moor at Pian Gembro, a descent that was already part of the route the day before on the last kilometres to Aprica. But it doesn't go back to Aprica. When this side road turns back into the main road in San Pietro, shortly before Aprica, the new direction is taken. Only now does it descend to Edolo with a delay. However, the route only follows the main road as far as Corteno Golgi and branches off here onto a smaller side road that also leads to Edolo, but is new in the TOUR Transalp route catalogue. Heading south, the main road now leads in the Val Camonica to Malonno. Now the participants are entering completely new territory. The TOUR Transalp has not yet gone further than Breno, a little further down in the Val Camonica, in this region of the Alps. In 2022, however, another piece will be added to the big map. Between Lake Iseo (one of the great northern Italian lakes along with Lake Garda and Lago Maggiore) and the big city of Bergamo, valleys such as the Val di Scalve and the Val Seriana are hidden - with Castione della Presolana, the municipality that is celebrating its premiere as a stage finish. There are several ways to get there, but already in Malonno, shortly after Edolo, the most spectacular of all branches off: The road over the Passo Vivione. Although its summit height (1827 metres) cannot keep up with the famous Gavia Pass in its neighbourhood, its road construction - a narrow band in steep slopes - is reminiscent of its big brother in the north. Two motorhomes better not meet here. From Val Camonica, the Vivione leads over into Val di Scalve. Followed by a comparatively small climb of a around 500 metres in altitude on well-maintained roads to Passo della Presolana. From the top, it is not far to the finish of this exciting new stage in Val Seriana north of the provincial capital Bergamo.

Mountain pass: Passo di S. Cristina, Passo Vivione, Passo della Presolana

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude difference
Stage 5Aprica – Castione della Presolana593,932.695