Stage 5

Possagno – Lavarone

This is the royal stage of the 2021 Transalp, a long and challenging ride that is as exhausting as it is varied. Once again it goes up to Monte Grappa. On the second day on this mountain it still offers something new. The ascent from Semonzo up to the summit is not completely new territory for the Transalp, as the participants last roared down this route in 2014. The climb in the other direction however, has never been part of the route. This is the shortest, most direct way up to the summit. 1500 meters of altitude on 19 kilometers have to be mastered, but the ascent is rather steady except for a few short ramps. The descent down to Caupo was last done this way in 2016. At the top there are still some panoramic views, but later, after the Albergo Forceletto, the small road mostly leads down into the forest and it is a little easier not to be distracted by tempting views and concentrate fully on the road.

The stretch leads flat from Caupo via Fonzaso to Arsie and down the "Scale di Primolano" to the narrowest part of the valley, where the river Brenta, coming out of the Valsugana, has washed its way out towards the plain. The route goes straight up again via Enego to Foza. After 900 metres above sea level you finally reach the plateau of the "Sette Communi", the seven municipalities in which, at least on the town signs, an ancient German dialect has been preserved. A change of scenery takes place up here. On the plateau, the route leads, always over the 1000-meter mark, over wide country, cropped meadow area with many alpine pastures and little villages. The highest point is finally reached at Passo Vezzena at about 1700 metres. From where the road follows down to Lavarone, which at an altitude of approximately 1100 metres is still located on this never-ending plateau.

Mountain passes: Monte Grappa, Passo Vezzena

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude difference
Stage 5Possagno - Lavarone5149,603.657
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