Stage 4

Possagno - Asolo

In the region south of Monte Grappa road bikers belong to the usual street scene. This is one of the top racing bike destinations in Italy, where you can ride all year round, even if there is snow on top of Monte Grappa. In summer, however, the athletes like to escape the heat and climb up to the summit at an altitude of around 1700 metres. And this is exactly the motto of the TOUR Transalp on this short but spectacular tour over this extraordinary mountain. Monte Grappa is the last outpost of the Alps and when you finally climb up, there are only a few small hills between the Panorama Road and the Adriatic Sea. On a clear day, you can see it from here and when you reach the top, even the small hills in front of you seem flattened, like part of a wide plain that stretches as far as Venice. The Transalp was already several times at Monte Grappa. But never before on this way, from Pederobba up over wide alpine pastures below the summit.

The Grappa offers many possibilities, and this one simply had to be checked off the TOUR Transalps list. Shortly below the great World War Memorial at the summit, the descent begins down to Romano d'Ezzelino. The small, winding roads along the Grappa are fun, but also require concentration. Only in Romano d'Ezzelino one can breathe a sigh of relief. Even if, at the foot of Monte Grappa across to Asolo, another 300 metres of altitude have to be climbed on about 20 kilometres. After all, the last kilometre up to the finish is a great experience. The historic old town lies on a hill. A small road winds its way up and finally gets lost in the narrow alleys at the summit until the finish line is reached at Piazza Garibaldi in the middle of medieval facades.

Mountain pass: Monte Grappa

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude difference
Stage 4Possagno - Asolo378,992.107
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