Stage 3

Primiero / San Martino di Castrozza - Pederobba

Mountain Passes: Passo Gobbera, Passo Brocon, Monte Grappa
Level: 5/5

The queen stage on day three promises a lot of work, not only for the muscles. The part of the brain responsible for photographic memory also gets a lot to do. At least it will be challenged to put completely different landscapes into the right context. From the mountain village at the foot of the 3000-metre-plus skyscrapers of the Pale di San Martino, the route leads in just a few hours to where the grapes for Prosecco grow. These are two different worlds, visually, culturally, climatically - this stage is a little Transalp in itself. Pederobba lolls in the sun at only 200 metres above sea level on the southern edge of the Monte Grappa massif. On the way there, however, the Passo Brocon - with the small Passo Gobbera in front - and the aforementioned Monte Grappa still stand in the way.  The Brocon, last crossed with the TOUR Transalp 2016, is an inconspicuous pass with little traffic. With a quite demanding 800-metre ramp and a fast descent with round bends, it becomes a real road bike highlight. Monte Grappa, the second mountain of this stage, is a vast massif with green overgrown flanks, whose summit only cracks the 1700-metre mark - nothing compared to the peaks of the Dolomites. But that doesn't matter at all to the Grappa, which towers proudly 1500 metres above the plain at its feet. It is the last real mountain in the Alps. All the way to the adriatic sea, the mountains have nothing more to offer except a few puny cypress hills seen from above. Approached from behind, the Grappa is still not very spectacular. The roads on its southern flank, however, can all be considered the definition of the term "panoramic road". You will be speechless here and this feeling of elation lasts until the end of the stage, when you descend over Monte Tomba, a small shoulder in the southwest of the massif, to Pederobba.

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude difference
Stage 3Fiera di Primiero - Pederobba5123,073.244