Stage 1

Reschensee - Zernez

In 1950, Lake Reschen was dammed and since then only the church tower of the village of Graun has peeked out. The village itself was rebuilt on the edge of the reservoir and the bizarre relic left behind in the lake quickly gained fame and has since been photographed millions of times. Even 70 years later, this "Instagramability", as they say today, remains very high. It is even further catalysed by the Netflix series "Curon", whose mystically dark narrative envelops the tower in newly woven lore. And it is exactly there, in front of this film backdrop, that the TOUR Transalp 2022 will start. Presumably, the mood will be less gloomy then, because this is more of a sunny spot on the shore, where kite surfers play with the winds and cyclists take the chance to completely circumnavigate the lake on the cycle path. And enjoy the majestic view of the Ortler, the highest peak in Tyrol at 3905 metres. The TOUR Transalp also starts with this view, but not on the cycle path, but on the road, in order to collect the first few metres of altitude on an almost complete lake circuit. Over the Reschenpass, which is hardly noticeable as a pass from the village of Reschen on the northern shore, the route leads across to Austria, soon to tackle the small Norbertshöhe in Nauders. After the short intermezzo in Austria with the descent down to Martina, the route reaches the Swiss border on the banks of the Inn. The destination Zernez is also on the Inn, but the river serves only as a red thread in the further course of the route, because on the north-western flank of the valley there are some sunny panoramic roads away from the main traffic, which have more to offer, because it also goes through historic Graubünden villages. Roads that demand more from the legs than the valley road, because it gets a little steeper here and there. Only the last few kilometres of the route finally lead right down by the river to Zernez, the gateway to the Swiss National Park. But we will not explore it until the next day.

Mountain passes: Reschenpass, Norbertshöhe

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude difference
Stage 1Reschensee - Zernez377,871.484