Registration Info

The registration procedure for the TOUR Transalp consists of two parts. In the first step you have to create a free user account. In the second step you can register for the TOUR Transalp - via:

Step 1: free registration (possible as of now)

You can register immediately at After you've entered and sent the required data for the registration, you'll receive an e-mail with instructions how to activate your user account.

Step 2: registration for the event

Before the binding registration the following things should be regarded:

The team registration can only be done by one team partner. Please have your user number and your team partner's e-mail address ready. Participants with place of residence in Germany can pay the participation fee only by direct debit. Note: please have your team partner's bank data also ready. Participants with place of residence outside of Germany can pay the participation fee only by bank transfer. You'll find the necessary bank information in your registration confirmation that will be e-mailed to you.

The binding registration procedure:

Go to and log in with your user data. Open the event TOUR Transalp on the homepage. Select the one of your team partner. Note: Please have your team partner's e-mail address and user number ready! In the next step please fill out the registration form completely for the event. Note: The required fields are marked with red asterisk. Select your payment method. Now you can send the registration. For verification the registration will be shown to you again so you can check your entries. Same day the confirmations for the successful registration and in particular cases for the waiting list will be sent.

We wish you and your team partner lots of success at the TOUR Transalp!

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