New cancellation conditions

New registration and cancellation conditions

Special circumstances require special measures!

In addition to the concepts we are developing for the safe implementation of the TOUR Transalp – even in times of pandemic – it is our special priority to make the registration process even in advance for our participants as transparent and flexible as possible. Our aim is to guarantee, that you can register for our events even in unsettled times and despite the constantly changing measures and requirements of the authorities – and all without personal risk!

For this reason, we have adapted our registration and cancellation conditions for the TOUR Transalp as follows:

Until 15.08.2021

  • every participant has the possibility to cancel the starting place free of charge without giving any reason and with full refund of the paid starting fee.
  • Each participant may transfer his/her own starting place to any other person without incurring additional costs.
  • Each participant is free to transfer his/her starting place to the following year 2022 free of charge.

Participants, who are proved to be unable to take part in the TOUR Transalp due to Covid-19 or the effects of the pandemic are also entitled to free cancellation and reimbursement of the paid entry fees at any time – even beyond the above-mentioned deadline.

All conditions mentioned here apply equally to already registered participants from 2020 and to all new registrations for the TOUR Transalp 2021.

Further details can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.


registration and cancellation conditions