In the following, we have summarized frequently asked questions about the TOUR Transalp. We will keep expanding these questions and publish all relevant information and answers here.

What are the scoring categories and which one do I start in?

You can see the different categories on the TOUR Transalp homepage under the menu tab "Regulations" ( https://tour-transalp.de/en/participants/reglement/ )

What are the cancellation conditions? Can I still cancel?

You can find the cancellation conditions in our general terms and conditions: https://tour-transalp.de/en/participants/gtc/ 

Is it still possible to register as a team as an individual rider with a partner?

It is possible to join two single riders as a team in the system. Please send us an email with your request to: service@yunique.de 

Can additional services (e.g. camp, deluxe bike support etc.) also be booked at a later date?

This is possible. Please send us your change requests regarding the additional services to: service@yunique.de

What about the alternative locations?

Information about the alternative locations are listed here: https://tour-transalp.de/en/extras/hotel-booking/

Is a collective registration possible (e.g. for clubs, companies etc.)?

Collective registrations are possible on request. Please contact us regarding a collective registration at: service@yunique.de

How does the return transportation from the last stage city to the first stage city?

After the event we offer a reasonably priced return transportation (by bus).

Your racing bicycle will be transported by truck. All racing bicycles will already be loaded on the truck on Saturday near the finishing area.

Unfortunately, we do not assume any liability for transport damages! The mountain bikes will be protected carefully by using foam material and cardboards.

Can I change my team partner?

Per team once a team partner change is possible until 1 month before the event starts. The team partner change fee comes to 50 €. The registration must be sent by email to service@yunique.de.

What happens if my team partner drops out of the race during the tour?

Should one cyclist end the tour prematurely, his/her team partner still has the possibility to finish the tour alone (outside the official ranking). With this, he/she would be ranked as an individual finisher and could still receive his/her finisher tricot.

When are the start times of the individual stages?

The stages usually start at 9 am.

Where are the individual start and finish areas of each stage town?

Lienz - Hauptplatz, 9900 Lienz
Sillian - Sillian 114, 9920 Sillian
San Martino di Castrozza - Via Passo Rolle 167, 38054 San Martino di Castrozza
Pederobba - Piazza IV Novembre, 31040 Pederobba
Folgaria - Via Emilio Colpi, 38064 Folgaria
Kaltern  am See - Sportzone St. Anton, 39052 Kaltern
Valle dei Laghi - Via al Lago, 38070 Terlago
Arco - Viale Magnolie, 38062 Arco

Is there a permanent parking lot in the starting city where I can park my car during the TOUR Transalp?

Yes, there will be a permanent parking lot in the starting city. At the accreditation you will receive a parking permit for this permanent parking lot which will be signposted on-site. It’s for free for you and the local police will check it in regular intervals.

When does the accreditation take place?

The accreditation takes place on Saturday, 17.06.2022, from 01:00 pm until 07:00 pm.

What aspects about my racing bicycle should I consider beforehand?

We strongly recommend letting a retailer check your racing bicycle before the event. Further, we advise you to rely on your usually used material so that you hopefully do not have to experience any unexpected surprises.

What should I have with me at the individual stages?

We strongly recommend taking the following things with you (maybe in a daypack):

  1. warm clothes (arm warmers or a fleece pullover)
  2. rain protection (cagoule, rain trousers)
  3. survival blanket 
  4. tools 
  5. money / ID card
  6. Roadbook with emergency phone numbers (you will receive it at the accreditation)
  7. a small “first aid kit”
  8. participant ID
  9. replacement hose and bicycle tire inflator
  10. mobile phone
Will there be a technical service during the event?

Along the route, there will be vehicles (technical service) in order to help with technical problems. However, in principle, no warranty is given for this service along the route.

Marshals and supply stations along the route will have a limited number of inner tubes and repair kits.

After each finish, sponsors and service partners will offer a technical service for your racing bicycle. Spare parts have to be paid.

What is provided at the food stations of each stage?

During every stage, you can count with two food and supply stations which will provide you with snacks (fruit, cakes, salted sticks, etc.).

Water and isotonic drinks will also be available. However, there won’t be any bottles, but of course there is the possibility to refill your own bottles.

What kind of food will be provided at the end of each stage?

After the finish line, the supply consists of - in large part - fruit, vegetables and snacks. With this, the stage towns try to offer a range as extensive as possible so that every participant can find something.

Before the start, there will only be a station where you can fill up your bottle with water or isotonic drinks.

Is it possible to bring accompanying persons to the evening event / Meet & Eat?

Yes, the evening event is public. Further, it is possible to buy additional tickets at the entrance of the evening event.

Will there also be food for allergy sufferers and/or vegetarians?

The food of the regular evening event will be provided by the individual stage towns. Usually in every stage town there is also offered something for vegetarians. Unfortunately, due to the amount, specific allergies cannot be considered.

The breakfast in the camp, if one has booked the camp, will also be provided by the individual stage towns. Generally, there will be bread rolls, muesli, fruit, etc.

In case you have booked hotels in the individual stage towns, you could just contact specifically those hotels.

When do I have to pay for my additionally booked services?

Additionally booked services have to be paid in cash within the bounds of the accreditation on-site.

What do I need for the accommodation in the camp?

For each participant who has booked the camp a sleeping place will be provided for 8 nights. Each participant must bring his/her own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

Do I need a bike box?

The bike box transport from the start to the finish is only meant for those cyclists who will go home directly after the last stage. Those cyclists who have booked the return transportation do not need any bike box, since the racing bikes will be packed securely to ensure a safe transport.

How does the luggage transport work?

Within the TOUR Transalp there will be a free luggage transport from stage town to stage town. At the accreditation each participant will receive a luggage bag (size 85 x 35 x 35 cm, max. 15kg!) which is to be used for the luggage transport. This runs as follows:

Participants who make their own reservation in hotels or boarding houses will get their bag directly at their accommodation. On the next morning, the bag must be delivered to the reception by 6:30 am at the latest. If your bag is not at the reception by 6:30 am, then you must bring your bag to the stand “hotel bags” near the start/finishing area no later than 7:15 am.

Those participants who are accommodated in the camp will get their bags placed close to their sleeping places and can pick them up directly. Every participant must then bring his/her bag to an extra designated site “truck camping bags” between 06:30 am to 07:30 am (at the latest).

How, where and when can I enter my hotel data for the luggage transport?

All participants will receive an e-mail from us at the end of May 2023 with the link to a query portal. There, all hotel data must be carefully entered for each individual stage town.

If an accommodation package has been booked through HOST GmbH, this is not necessary. HOST GmbH will transmit the hotel data to us.

What is the daypack service and how does it work?

The daypack service is free of charge. Every day, it can be used spontaneously - as required. At the accreditation you will receive your personal daypack (format of a gymnastics bag). Before the start of each stage, you can hand in your daypack, marked with your start number, to our daypack team. Please hand it in until 20 minutes before the start at the latest. After your finish of the day you can collect your daypack from our daypack team again. Please try to pack only the most necessary things in your daypack so that it will not be too heavy.

Can I travel with my caravan?

The participants can go to public camping sites in every stage town; camping site fees are charged.

What's the best way to book a hotel room?

By the end of December you will find on our homepage the contact data of the individual stage towns which you should use for your hotel bookings. 

Please note that some hotels cannot take any reservation for one night so far ahead. For instance, some of the hotels do not take any reservation before the end of March/beginning of April. Our experience in the last years showed that the stage towns are optimally prepared for the event and that there are enough rooms for all participants. Additionally, you still have the possibility to book a hotel room on-site in the finish area of the respective stage town.

 Beyond that, you can also directly book a complete hotel accommodation package via our service partner HOST. For additional information, please click here:

Are the finisher tricots rather small or large?

The individual sizes of the tricots each correspond to the size of the normal race shirts.

How and when do I get the GPS data for the TOUR Transalp?

You will receive an e-mail during the last week before the event. This e-mail will lead you to the GPS data.

Beyond that, there will be a stand at the accreditation where you can directly get the GPS data played onto your GPS device.

Where can I download my certificate for the TOUR Transalp?

You can download your personal certificate on the homepage of Datasport. Soon after the end of the TOUR Transalp you will find a banner on our start page which is directly linked with the Datasport page.

Where shall I send my transponder when I forgot to hand it over at the end of the TOUR Transalp?

Please send your transponder to the following address:

Yunique GmbH
Johnsallee 62
20148 Hamburg

Loss or non-delivery of the transponder will be charged 50,00 €.