Benefits & prices

TOUR Transalp

Within the last years, the TOUR Transalp has evolved into one of the most popular and professional stage races for amateur cyclists in the world.

Services provided in unique event:

Starter Package

  • Luggage transport service
  • High-quality finisher jersey (for official finishers)
  • Finisher-medal (for official finishers)
  • Bike Wash
  • Bike Park incl. Security
  • Chill out Area
  • Professional timekeeping
  • Free catering for each stage on the route and at the finish
  • Technical services along the course and in the Finish area
  • Roadway support system
  • Professional start-/finish-area
  • Professional daily evening event 
  • Pastadinner as part of the evening event
  • Day bags service
  • Medical support
  • Precise roadbook
  • Free parking on local parking lots during the entire period of the event


Luggage transport service

A professional logistic team of 20 persons will take care of you bags (included in your starter package) each day. They will pick up your bag from your hotel and then transport it to the next stage town, directly into your hotel. Using this service is absolutely worthwhile and gives you the change to concentrate 100% on the race.

Bike Wash

In each stage town you can find a “Do it yourself” Bike Wash Station, which is equipped with high-pressure cleaners and detergents.

Bike Park incl. Security

There will be a bike park in each stage town. Each participant is allowed to leave his bike in this consistent supervised area. This service is outsourced to a professional security company.

Chill out Area

The Chill out Area right next to the finish area is the perfect place to relax, to recover and to get to know others. Furthermore, you get delicious smoothies, cool drinks and small snacks free in a very laid-back atmosphere.

Professional timekeeping

The company Datasport of Switzerland will take care of the timekeeping. Modern technologies and a long history of transalp experience will guaranty a smooth timekeeping.

Catering at the finish and on the course

There will be a gentle team waiting for you to offer a great variety of food on the course and next to the finish area. The variety consists of sandwiches, cakes, specialties of the region, fruits but also drinks.

Technical services along the course and in the Finish area

(spare parts have to be paid for)A professional bike service team will be in the finish area and on the course to care for a base repair service. Supported by different sponsors and partners of various segments usual repairs can be done free of charge. You just have to pay for the spare parts you are in need of. Next to this service, you can repair your bike by your own at every catering point as we provide the regular tool kids, air pumps, tubes and trades.

Security on course

A team of round about 100 people per stage will be working for you, to take care of your security while driving along the route.

Professional start-/finish-area

The start and finish area is the main infrastructural part of the event. Therefore, you can find a professionally branded start and finish in each stage town with an EXPO-Area, where our partners and sponsors are going to present themselves. Next to services and information, you also have the opportunity to buy things.

A moderator and good music will provide information and good feelings all day long.

Evening event including dinner

The daily evening event will start each day at 6pm and can be visited by everyone. A moderator will lead through the mixture of the highlight pictures of the day, interviews, presentation ceremony and the briefing for the next stage from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The dinner during the evening event is included in the entry fee.

Day Bag Service

In the morning it can be quite cold but you don´t want to carry your jacket? It´s rainy while riding your bike and you can´t wait to get into dry and warm cloth? With our Day Bag Service you don´t have to care about this issues. Just put your things into the bag you get with your starter package and give it to the Day Bag Counter just next to the starting area. Right after crossing the finish line the Day Bag will be waiting for you nearby.

Medical First Aid before, while and after each stage

Since 2003, Sebastian Zimatschek is responsible for the Rescue Team of the TOUR Transalp. He is the supervisor of an 18 headed team consisting of emergency doctors of different medical disciplines (anesthesia, surgery, orthopedic and internal medicine), paramedics and nurses. Each of them can look back to a long history of alpine- and mountain rescue. Furthermore, the team is equipped with the latest technologies.

Accurate Roadbook

Within the accreditation, each participant will get a Roadbook, which contains the data of the whole course, the regulations and the terms and conditions.

Free parking on local parking lots during the entire period of the event

You can freely park your car in marked parking lots for the whole event period.

Entry Fee

Entry fee in general:                           1049 € / p. person

Entry fee U-23 riders*:                        799 € / p. person

*More information can be found here

Additional service

Deluxe Bike Support
7 x Professional bike support incl. bike wash and maintenance
Price per bike: 175 €

Accommodation at the Transalp-Camp 18. - 26.06.2022
8 nights at the Camp (school buildings, gyms etc.) incl. breakfast
Price per person: 180 €

Return transportation from the finish of the tour back to the start
Shuttle bus for transporting the participant and his/her luggage and bike
Price per person and bike: 60 €

Transportation of the Bikebox from the start of the tour to the finish
Price per Bikebox: 30 €

Medal engraving
Price per medal: 10 €


Deluxe Bike Support

By booking the Deluxe Bike Support a professional service team will take care about your bike the whole week. You just give it to them after arriving in the finish area and they will clean it, take care of it and will do some repairs if necessary. Used spare parts have to be payed separately. You can pick up your bike in the afternoon at the expo booth or in the morning at the Bike Park.

Accommodation at the Transalp Camp

The Transalp Camp is a cheap way to lodge in the stage town. The camp is located in municipal buildings like schools or gyms, includes breakfast and is limited to 100 persons. Sleeping bags and mattresses have to be brought by the participants themselves.

Return transportation from the finish of the tour back to the start

Those of you, who wants to have a relaxed and comfortable way back to the starting point, should book the return transportation. Modern busses will get you back to Innsbruck the day after the race finishes, while your bikes are doing the same way in the truck. Just tick the return at your registration.

Transportation of the Bike box from the start of the tour to the finish

This service is only bookable for those, who didn´t book the return transportation and take care of their way back by their own. The Bike boxes have to be delivered by person at the accreditation and are only reachable the day the Transalp ends.

Medal engraving

Each finisher of the TOUR Transalp will receive a special designed medal, which can be engraved with the personal data on-site.