Two riders of conviction

27.06.2019 - 23:06

Paolo Chiari and Paola Galasso from Italy are truely not the fastest riders. But: So far they have finished five stages, although many times the broom wagon came very close.

For Paola the TOUR Transalp is not a premiere, she has already done it several times, but it is still very special, because taking up the challenge again, has been a present to her 50th birthday.  Together with her good friend Paolo (60) she is a great team.

The duo is not riding in the front, not in the middle, but they always have lots of fun in the group of the last or almost last riders.

"At the mountains, I wait for Paolo, because I am better at the climbs", Paoloa says. But all in all, they try to stay together.

The 50 year old enthuses: "I love the climbs and the fresh air. You feel so alive. In one moment you are exhausted, you just want to lie on the raod and give up. But in the other minute you look around, see the beautiful surrounding, enjoy a cold drink and suddenly you have new energy and get back on your bike. I so much like that feeling."

Being fast doesn't matter to the Italian duo at all. It is more about the people, the nature, the action. This way, they still cross the finish line with a happy smile, even if they havce been on the roas for six, eight or even ten hours.

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