TV-moderator Annika Zimmermann is starting at the TOUR Transalp

06.03.2019 - 15:50

Why the power woman starts smiling, once she gets on her bicycle, and how she is preparing for the big stage race.

Annika Zimmermann is ZDF sports presenter, book author and a passionate sportswoman. Even as a teenage girl, she used to be a triathlete, practising ten sessions a week. „At the age of 16 I ceased from triathlon. Beeing a teenager, other things have been more important“, says the Berliner by choice.

Swimming has not been her thing anyway, so Annika Zimmermann concentrated on running and general fitness – until she rediscovered her passion for race cycling: „In 2016, when I was riding the Flandern-Tour for a ZDF reportage (129 km, 15 mountains), the cycling fever seized me again.“

In the following period she mastered the „Ötztaler Radmarathon“ and in 2018, after the sportswoman has been riding one stage of the Tour de France, her passion for cycling was never to stop. Although after the stage with an altitude of 4000 metres she was completely drained, she was also convinced that she wants more. More stages, more metres of elevation. Her next aim: Riding the TOUR transalp with her team partner. That means seven stages, almost 800 kilometres and about 19.000 metres of elevation. „This way I can experience that a whole week: Doing sports and enjoying nature. And having a lot of fun!“, Annika Zimmermann is looking forward tot he event.

One can see that the moderator is having fun, whatever she is doing – in both private and professional life. „Working as a sports reporter and moderator is my dream job“, Annika Zimmerman says. „Sport is part of my everyday life. Once I sit on the bicycle, I`m getting a big smile on my face.“

To get in shape for the mountain-race she spends a lot of time in Greece, where her team mate is from. The routes around Athens offer her great opportunities - „better then Majorca“, she says.

And what is Annika Zimmermanns aim for the TOUR transalp? „We are not starting to win, but not to lose either“, says the Berliner. „Mainly we just want to experience the race and the great landscape together.“

The difference in altitude cannot scare her. „I´m looking forward to the mountains. I like the silence on the mountain climb, when you are pedaling all by yourself. That is my strenght.“ But steep downhill rides she does not fear either.

The whole interview with Annika Zimmermann can be found in the women special of the TOUR magazine (April 2019).

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