Transalp training under the Greek sun

12.01.2021 - 09:29

"Those who ride the TOUR Transalp for the first time come for the sportive challenge. But those who come again come for the soul of the Transalp: the great fellows, the cheerful atmosphere, the reliable organization." In this sense, Annika Zimmermann, a German tv sports presenter and passionate cyclist, is looking forward to her second TOUR Transalp in 2021.

The sporty cheerful nature has tasted blood at her first TOUR Transalp participation in 2019, between mountain panorama, crisp climbs and a great final at Lake Garda.

Even though many things were different in 2020 and most races were cancelled due to the pandemic, the year was no less sporty for Annika. On the contrary. Professionally, in summer she had the pleasure of accompanying the Tour de France, and in her private life, too, the sportswoman spent many hours in the saddle.

Moving to the Greek east coast came just in time, because where can you better enjoy cycling than under the Greek sun, with sea view and plenty of climbs. From her apartment door, it's only 300 metres downhill to the sea. "That's motivation enough," says Annika, who doesn't need a specific race as a training goal to overcome her piggyback. Staying fit is more of a basic attitude for her. And when the motivation after all does fade some time, "I just look at pictures from my last TOUR Transalp. What strong calves I had back then....".

Previously Annika lived in Berlin, in her new adopted home Greece she now has an ideal cycling paradise right on her doorstep. "Optimal training conditions for the TOUR Transalp." In 2020, she went on a sailing boat trip to the Cyclades archipelago together with her partner and also TOUR Transalp team partner. "Each stop, we took our bikes out of the cabin to explore the islands on two wheels."

There hardly is a better way of combining training and enjoyment. Another time, Annika cycled from coast to coast on a multi-day tour of the Peloponnese peninsula, with above 100 kilometres a day and a total of 10,500 metres of altitude. Annika: "A perfect substitute for all the cancelled races, still I´m looking forward to conquer the Alps again at the next TOUR Transalp."

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