Zeit, wieder in Form zu kommen!


Time to get fit!

11.02.2021 - 18:21

The winter fat is still warming. But spring is approaching, so it's time to get back in shape – both in terms of weight and performance. With few calories long full and powerful - up to the immune system! Our partner P. Jentschura has just the right snack for you!

A light breakfast after rich days: The gluten- and lactose-free millet-buckwheat porridge MorgenStund' from the long-time TOUR Transalp partner P. Jentschura, which has just won two awards again, is rich in bases and vital substances. The few, complex carbohydrates ensure a constant blood sugar level and long-lasting concentration and performance. The variety of vital substances  optimizes the entire metabolism, all enzymes and organs and strengthens the immune system.