The queen stage

26.06.2019 - 19:23

The fourth stage, leading the riders from Bormio to Livigno with a side trip to Switzerland, was not easy, but worth every drop of sweat.

For many participants, the route with four impressive mountain passes has been one of the most scenic stages so far. Especially for Transalp newcomers the course, covering the Umbrailpass, Ofenpass, Passo Bernina and Forcola di Livigno, was both impressive and challenging

Livigno 26 June 2019. Tsutomu Inoue, who comes from Japan but lives in Hamburg (GER), enjoyed the stage, although he was riding at his limits. He has been on the road for about eight hours – a normal working day. “But much more exhausting – and much more fun, too“, the 54 year old says. „During the race I often ask myself, why I’m actually doing this.“  But giving up is not an option for the teacher. “I told my pupils about my plans, so I have to finish it.”

Also for the Austrian team Harry Pancis (Salzburg) and Walter Weineisen (Tyrol) the fourth stage has been a highlight. Together they are 138 years old and probably the oldest team of the race. „Doing the TOUR Transalp is the highlight of our friendship“, says Weineisen (70). He has already done the race three times, but for his mate (68) it is a premiere.  

They got to know each other during another stage race. Weineisen: “We have been together on the podium and came down as friends.” And what are their plans after finishing in Riva del Garda? The duo wants to ride the Mondsee Marathon, covering 200 km, just one day after the finish of the TOUR Transalp. Pancis: “We are registered at least…”

The stage race is also a big first time for this German female trio: Gitta Fernau, Petra Marton and Susanne Milowsky. Together they mastered all three stages with a smile. "We love to cycle and were looking for a big sportive challenge", the 50+ women say. Their aim was, to not be collected by the broom wagon and so far, they have not even seen the car once.

All the results of stage 4:

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