Not a question of age

26.06.2019 - 10:27

Together they are 138 years old. Harry Pancis (68) and Walter Weinseisen (70) from Austria show, that you can also cross the Alps beyond the age of 60.

As team bike Friends Salzburg the Austrians start in the Grand Masters classification. Although they belong to the oldest starters of the TOUR Transalp they are by no means the last riders, crossing the finish line.

They are a great team, each stage they start together and they finish together.  What is their secret of still being so fit? "We do a lot of sport", says Harry Pancis (Salzburg) -  and his mate Walter Weinseisen from Tyrol adds: "As a pensioner you have a lot of free time, and we are using this time!"

So far they mastered each stage quite well. "We are still in the race", the 68 year old is answering the question about how they are keeping. Though the heat is very challenging for the duo. "I did order sun, but this is  a bit too much",  jokes  the younger one.

Their common aim for the TOUR Transalp: "To keep up till the very end!"  And what are their plans, once they reach Riva del Garda as the final destination? Harry Pancis: "Then we are riding the Mondsee Marathon, covering 200 km."  The race starts just one day after the end of the Transalp. "Well, at least we have registered...".

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