Nice detour: Stage 3 - Passing the violin forest and the Prosecco region

13.04.2021 - 11:39

While riding a race, you often ride with a tunnel vision, rarely having enough time to take in the scenery and sights along the way. We take a look for you at the highlights and stories off the race course. It´s worth it, because the regions the TOUR Transalp crosses from stage to stage have a whole lot to offer.

Stage 3 leads, among other things, through the forest from which Stradivari got the wood for his violins. The so-called Foresta dei violini of San Martino di Castrozza is the largest contiguous forest in the Italian Alps.

No less impressive on stage 3 are the Pale di San Martino, a mighty mountain formation with bizarre peaks that are unfortunately quite often unrecognized because most people associate the Dolomites only with the Three Pinnacles or the Sassolungo. One of the most striking peaks is the Madonna, with the "veil edge" famous among mountaineers - and indeed this mountain of San Martino looks like a hooded nun.

At the end of the stage, things get interesting for gourmets. We cross the heart of the Prosecco region with grapes and producers on the right and left of the route.  The Transalp leads through the capital Voldobbiadine where the famous Prosecco "Valdo" comes from, available in almost every supermarket of the area.

Further the Transalp crosses the Piave, a river with an interesting history. For example, from the Middle Ages it is said that the river washed the logs from the wooded areas of the mountains to Venice, on which the lagoon city and the ships were built.

You want to know what to expect from the sportive aspect of stage 3?