Von der TOUR Transalp zum Olympiasieg


From TOUR Transalp to Olympic victory

02.08.2021 - 08:27

Nobody really expected this. As a clear outsider, Anna Kiesenhofer's victory in the Olympic cycling road race a week ago caused great astonishment and particularly exuberant jubilation - especially among Austrian cycling fans. The 30-year-old have made great sporting history and became the first Austrian woman to take home the Olympic gold medal in the road race since 1896.

Anna had hidden under the radar of the competition so much that not even second-placed Annemiek van Vleuten expected her and mistakenly high up her arms into the air at the finish line, only to learn of the inconspicuous woman's victory later. 

Perhaps Anna's participation at the TOUR Transalp in 2018 contributed a little to this grandiose coup. She had won the mixed category with her team partner Günther Flatscher then and already demonstrated her skills in the legendary stage race across the Alps. Of course we are very proud to have her as part of our race. And maybe we will see the talented Austrian again at the start line of the TOUR Transalp soon.

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