First times

25.06.2019 - 22:33

For many participants, the TOUR Transalp is the first long stage race in their lifes and an enormous challenge.

Kyall Goodman and Ivan Groenhof from South Africa are taking up the challenge of the Alpcrossing on very special, crafted bicycles: wooden bikes, made of white ash.  

They have already managed the first three stages full of hapyness, pain and emotions. After the first warm-up stage, the second stage turned out to be a tough ride for the Transalp firstlings, especially for Ivan, who had to fight hard, to finish the course before the so called broom wagon. But he didn't give up!

The stage race is also a big first time for this German female trio: Gitta Fernau, Petra Marton and Susanne Milowsky. Together they mastered all three stages with a smile. "We love to cycle and were looking for a big sportive challenge", the 50+ women say. So here it is!  Their aim was, to not be collected by the broom wagon and so far, they have not even seen the car once.

Also for the American cyclist Jeffrey Henderson the TOUR Transalp is a premiere and a tough mission. A friend asked him to join the race and "stupidly I said yes", Henerson joked after reaching the top of the Passo Tonale on the third day.  But he did not give up. The second stage was even harder: "It was the most terrible day of my life, seriously." Still, each day he will do his best, enjoying the great mountains and the beautiful landscape:  "It is something you want to do once in your life."

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