Between relief and melancholy

29.06.2019 - 17:57

The 17th edition of the TOUR Transalp is over. Time for a refreshing bath in the lake!

Seven days with ups and downs, great challenges and emotional moments are behind the 800 riders that took part in Europe’s most spectacular stage race for road cycling enthusiasts. The participants mastered seven stages, 800 kilometres, 19 passes and almost 19.000 metres of elevation from Innsbruck to Riva del Garda – not an easy matter at temperatures way over 30 degree.

Even bigger was the cheering, when the riders crossed the finish line at Lake Garda. The new team winner of the TOUR Transalp: Thomas Gschnitzer (IT) and Daniel Pechtl (AT), who did not expect to succeed at all .
Arriving at Lake Garda was a great reward for all the suffering and sweating, that the riders have gone through in the last seven days. 
Overall the fastest riders spent around 25 hours in the saddle, the slowest have been on the road for almost 50 hours. It has been the hottest TOUR Transalp ever. The positive conclusion of Monika Weber, event chef at the publisher company Delius Klasing: “The 17th edition of the TOUR Transalp has again been a great success. Not even the heat could stop the brilliant atmosphere during the race.” 
Under a bright blues sky the hobby cyclists reached the finish – fluctuating between melancholy and relief about the end of the adventure. People were smiling, crying and jumping into the cold Lake.   

So did the title winner Daniel Pechtl (AT) and Thomas Gschnitzner (IT). „If someone would have told us a week ago, that we’ll win this race, I wouldn’t have believed him“, Pechtl says. „For us, it is a great surprise.“ Second podium goes to Erik Franssen and Stefan Verhaaf  (NL), followed by the  Italians Riccardo Zacchi and Christian Martinelli.  
For the first time also individual riders were permitted to take part. Best rider in the men classification is the young Belgian Daan Vermeulen. The fastest Master is the Austrian Mathias Nothegger (Masters). The former cycling professional Udo Bölts (GER) won the title in the Grand Masters classification. As the first woman the German Janine Meyer arrived in Riva del Garda. 
With a great lead Linda Stuurman and Carla Mellema (NL) finished as the best women team. In the mixed category Tatiana Guderzo, one of the best road cyclists in the world, and Carlo Muraro won the first podium. Guderzo: „Today the last stage was quite hard for me, but I still got the chance to enjoy the landscape.“ 
Also from Italy comes the best Masters team: Paolo Decarli and Riccardo Carlin. „It is such a great surprise“, Carlin says. Best riders in the Grand Masters classification are Günter Baringer (AT) and Axel Strauss. 
But the crowd did not only cheer for the first riders, also and even more for the very last. As one of the last finishers, Janine Wolf (GER) screamed, crossing the finish line with her team partner Frauke Gerber. „It is an incredible feeling“, says Wolf. They have never been one of the fastest, but they still enjoyed all of the tour.   
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