Alkaline across the Alps with P. Jentschura

04.06.2019 - 15:33

A true anniversary: The brand P. Jentschura has been supplying you with renewed power and accelerated regeneration through superfoods and alkaline foot baths for a full ten years.

As food at the finish, in camp, and at the expo, the health experts for the market leader in alkaline foods and body care products offer meals and snacks which are extremely rich in vital nutrients and have an alkali surplus.

All of the delicacies are gluten and lactose-free and are very easy to digest even under particular stress. They provide long-lasting and steady energy, and rapidly replenish your energy reserves.

Strong legs and pure power are thus consistently guaranteed – and your batteries are recharged for the next stage. In addition, the acid/base professionals await you in the finish area every day with regenerative foot baths. 

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