Eine Etappe mit spannenden Neuheiten


A stage with exciting novelties

23.06.2022 - 17:00

The fifth stage was again accompanied by optimal weather conditions and good-humoured riders. On today's route between Aprica to Castione della Presolana, many novelties and three Alpine passes awaited the participants.

This morning at the start in Aprica, relief was written on the faces of the participants. After yesterday's rainy stage, everyone was visibly happy to be back on the course in sunshine and warm temperatures. 

The fifth stage of the TOUR Transalp 2022 was peppered with exciting route novelties in the Val Seriana north of the provincial capital Bergamo. Arriving at the finish, the participants were able to tick off three more Alpine passes on their list: the Passo di S. Cristina, the Passo Vivione and the Passo della Presolana. In addition, there were 96 kilometres and 2,720 metres of altitude difference. 

The start today was on the pass road in the direction of Valtellina and Tirano, where the first 600 metres in altitude were soon reeled off on a small road up to the Passo di S. Cristina. After the descent to the high moor at Pian Gembro, which was already part of the fourth stage yesterday, the route continued down to Edolo. Heading south, the route continued over the Val Camonica to Malonno. Here the participants finally reached absolutely new territory. Between Lake Iseo and Bergamo, the starters crossed beautiful valleys such as the Val di Scalve and the Val Seriana. Finally, they went up a narrow ribbon on steep slopes to the Passo Vivione. From here, we headed for the Val di Scalve and then climbed up to the Passo della Presolana. From there, it was not far to Castione della Presolana, a stage stop with which the TOUR Transalp is celebrating its premiere this year.  

Fastest of the day



1. Stipbike Racing Team,
    time: 3:14.24,9h 
2. Team Strassacker 2/radsport-news.com 
    time: 3:15.40,8h
3. Depotivo
    time: 3:40.55,6h


1. Kartoffelclub
    time: 4:52.11,9h
2. TSV Karlstadt Mädels
    time: 5:43.31,8h 
3. Genussschnecken
    time: 6:02.49,7h


1. Team Hypertech pb Castelli
    time: 3:33.40,5h 
2. Team Strassacker 3/radsport-news.com
    time: 3:41.09,4h 
3. drahtesel-lützelbach.de
    time: 3:42.39,3h 


1. Vuelta Turistica #GFTbe
    time: 3:23.54,6h
2. Wadenzauber
    time: 3:30.57,7h
3. Team WOO Nutrition 
     time: 3:35.39,5h

grand masters: 

1. Team Crankalicious Cycling-Grand Masters
     time: 3:46.02,5h
2. The Special Ones #GFTbe
     time: 3:49.25,9h
3. Equipo de Amberes #GFTbe
    time: 3:50.28,5h



1. Frolov, Igor
    time: 3:06.29,2h
2. Lorenzini, Piero
    time: 3:11.30,0h
3. Nijssen, Kenny
    time: 3:13.21,2h


1. Rossmann, Catherine
    time: 3:41.12,9h
2. Jedelhauser, Julia
    time: 3:49.10,1h
3. Rieger, Barbara
    time: 4:02.45,5h


1. Ciot, Fabio
    time: 3:13.57,4h
2. Carpaij, Jasper
    time: 3:22.40,9h
3. Oberrauch, Michael
    time: 3:23.55,5h

grand masters: 

1. Jenal, Roberto
    time: 3:32.54,6h
2. Christensen, Brian
    time: 3:33.10,5h
3. Tod, Manfred 
    time: 3:33.32,7h 

senior grand masters: 

1. Ciculi, Mauro
    time: 3:48.55,3h 
2. Claes, Dirk 
    time: 3:52.22,3h
3. Neuberger, Rupert
    time: 4:02.56,0h

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