2 athletes - 2 arms - 3 legs

26.11.2020 - 10:37

These two fighters embody 100% of the Transalp-spirit "Break your limits": Wolfgang Sacher and Erich Winkler had to rebuild their lives completely after a serious accident. Meanwhile, both look back on great successes in disabled cycling and are always searching for new challenges. According to the motto "2 athletes - 2 arms - 3 legs", they are preparing for their TOUR Transalp adventure 2021, thus encouraging to never give up and to make the most of everything.

"We build bridges, encourage and are role models", say the cyclists and do not shrink back from the almost 800 kilometres and 18,000 metres of altitude difference of the TOUR Transalp. In the past, they have already proven that they can do it, because for either of them, this is not the first participation in this stage race.

"There is more potential in us than we considered possible"

For both of them, their accident initially meant a catastrophe, but ultimately it also opened up new opportunities and showed "that there is much more potential in us than we considered possible," says Sacher. At the age of 15, he lost his left arm in a high-voltage accident, also several toes had to be amputated. Years later he got enthusiastic about cycling - with great successes: In 2006 he won the world championship title on the road, in 2008 he fought for gold, silver and bronze in various disciplines at the Paralympics in Beijing. And by the way, the man from Penzberg has already written down his experiences in his book "Der einarmige Bandit" (The one-armed bandit).

Also his TOUR Transalp partner Erich Winkler from Geisenhausen Sacher got to know through disabled sports. Winkler lost his right arm and left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001. He has also celebrated many successes in disabled cycling - bronze at the Paralympics in Athens 2004, several German champion and vice champion titles,... The active cyclist unfortunately missed the qualification for the next Paralympics in Tokyo, but nothing stands in the way of his next TOUR Transalp adventure with Wolfgang Sacher.

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