BIKE Service

Bike Service

Our Bike Service team is there for you on site and will help you and your bike to cross the Alps safely. The team will take care of the basic supply of spare parts. If in doubt, you should bring your own special items, unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100% availability. In addition, the team has a basic supply of clothing and equipment (helmet, shoes, pedals, air pump, etc.) in case you forget something at home or something breaks on the way.
The basic BIKE support, which is available to all participants during the Tour Transalp, includes, among other things, free repairs at the stage finish (spare parts are subject to a charge). In addition, the support offers a basic supply of spare parts and consumables (subject to a charge), which can be purchased at the stand at the exhibition.
On Saturday, the team also offers a "pre-race check" (brakes, tyres, drivetrain, gears) so that every bike can start safely into the Transalp adventure.

Deluxe Bike Support

Last but not least, the team offers the Deluxe BIKE Service - an all-round service in which the bikes undergo a safety check after each stage. If repairs are necessary, they are carried out directly (spare parts are charged) and after a professional cleaning you can start the next stage well prepared. You don't have to worry about anything and can concentrate fully on the race.

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